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WassTECH cabin shock absorbers are designed for the telescopic, self-spring, airsprings to enable comfort in the truck cabins. It has a wide range such as Mercedes, MAN, Daf, Scania, Renault, Volvo, Ford cabins.
  Cabin Airsprings      
Kabin Körüğü
They are used in tractor and truck cabins for suspension from 4 points. They are more comfortable than their ancestors which are steel spring airsprings. As they combine the absorbers with airsprings instead of steel springs they prevent the vibration too much. This case not only enables high comfort but also delays the corrosion of the fixing units.
  • Spring Shock Absorbers      
Kabin Amortisörü
Steel spring cabin shock absorbers are used in tractor and truck cabins as suspension from 4 points. They enable harder suspension than cabin shock absorbers do. They are more long-lived. Combining the traditional absorbers with steel springs cannot prevent the vibration as much as the cabin absorbers do. This enables less comfort and it quickens the corrosion of the corrosion of the fixing units. However, its abrasion takes more time when we consider that the weight of the cabin is stable.
  • Non-Spring Shock Absorbers      
Kabin Amortisörü
These are used as a vertical absorber part to prevent the vibration of telescopic absorbers in spring leaf or cabin shock absorbers. They are also used as a horizontal suspension element to balance the cabin vibration with cabin shock absorbers or steel spring shock absorbers.