WassTECH suspension airsprings are designed according to the specific conditions such as the load capacity or the qualifications of spring and spring deviation. There are three main suspension airsprings used in commercial vehicles (tractor, truck, trailer, bus). They are Roll, Metal and Convoluted Airsprings.
  • Roll Airsprings      
These ones are generally used in buses and in a type of trucks. They have conic channels that enable them to be removed from the piston, placing on the chassis, and from the plate or they enable them to be connected to the plate. Comfort has a great importance in these vehicles. It means that original vehicle height must stay at the same level regardless of the load.
  • Metal Airsprings      

These are used in tractors, trucks and mostly in semi-trailers. It’s widely used in heavy commercial vehicles. The product has a covered plate on which there are joining units on inlet and chassis (such as pin screw, central bolt) for air intake and air exhaust. It’s connection to the piston which is on the axle is enabled whether by the vulcanized airspring that is sticked on the rubber part of it or by the stretching sheet metal that is directly connected to the airspring. This product can be both cylindrical and conical.

  o Airsprings without Pistons :It is also called ”service airspring” It has a covered plate and this plate has a connecting units (pin screws, central bolt…etc.) for air intake and air exhaust on inlet and chassis. However, it cots less than completed airsprings cost as it doesn’t have a bowl which is connected to the airspring. Unless there is corruption, corrosion or breaking on airspring bowl, this economical airsprings are preferred.
  o Completed Airsprings :The only difference between completed airsprings and ones are without pistons is that completed airsprings have metal or plastic pistons. In some designs the mass of the piston is used as an air store to increase the driving comfort. They can be produced whether with integrated underlay or without underlay.
  • Convoluted Airsprings      
These airsprings which are classified as one, two and three storeyed ones are taking the place of pinomatic cylinders. They have higher working duration, they occupy less space, they have easier usage and they cost less. Not only for vehicles but also for machines they have high performance to prevent vibration in compression and suspension.